Magda Goebbels.jpg

Magda Goebbels

BIRTH: 11 November 1901
BerlinGerman Empire


DEATH: 1 May 1945 (aged 47)

Berlin-Mitte, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


In 1930, Magda attended a meeting of the Nazi Party where she was impressed by one of the speakers, Joseph Goebbels, then the Gauleiter of Berlin. She joined the party on 1 September 1930, and did some volunteer work, although she has not been characterized as politically active.

The relationship was experiencing problems. Goebbels was often jealous, and had some concern over the fact that Hitler had grown fond of Magda.

Magda had a close relationship with Hitler, and became a member of his small coterie of female friends. She acted as an unofficial representative of the regime, receiving letters from all over Germany from women with questions about domestic matters or child custody issues.

Joseph and Magda Goebbels had six children:

  • Helga Susanne (1932)

  • Hildegard "Hilde" Traudel (1934)

  • Helmut Christian (1935)

  • Holdine "Holde" Kathrin (1937)

  • Hedwig "Hedda" Johanna (1938)

  • Heidrun "Heide" Elisabeth (1940)