Holdine Kathrin Goebbels

BIRTH: 19 Feb 1937

Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany


DEATH: 1 May 1945 (aged 8)

Berlin-Mitte, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


BURIAL: Cremated, Ashes scattered, Specifically: Ashes scattered in the Danube River in Germany.

Fourth child of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and his wife Magda. She was murdered by his mother, who injected him with morphine before murdering him and his siblings with cynanide. His parents and Hitler commited suicide shortly after because her mother wanted her children to die along with the Nazi party.

Holdine Kathrin was born 2 months prematurely, on February 19, 1937. That same day, Joseph wrote into his diary that the birth (as well as the pregnancy) had been very complicated.

It is claimed that Holde got her name when the doctor who delivered her, Stoeckel, bent over her and exclaimed "Das ist eine Holde!" ("that's a pretty one!") Meissner claims that Holde was the "least lively" of the children and was somewhat "pushed aside" by the others to her considerable distress.

According to her father, baby Holde was “just like Helga!”. Four weeks later, when the children saw the baby, Helga yelled "just what I wanted... It came down from the sky!". After Holde´s birth, doctors warned Joseph that Magda did not have to get pregnant in two years. Despite being sickly at first, Holde grew to be a healthy baby.


Holde was the "least lively" of the children. Quiet by nature, she was somewhat "pushed aside" by the others to her considerable distress. Little Holde was spurned by her sisters as ‘slow-witted and boring". “You are silly and nuisance“ her siblings teased her. She suffered from all this until eventually it was noticed that she would creep away by herself and cry. Her father, touched, responded to this by making her something of a favorite, to which she responded with devotion. In fact, on a diary entry Goebbels made in the early months of 1939, he wrote Holde was “like a little angel”.

Magda once described the temperaments of five of her children to her sister-in-law Eleanore (Ello) Quandt by describing how each would react to learning they had been deceived by their spouse: Holde would never quite get over the infidelity, but would be too proud to reproach her husband. Finally, through the breach of confidence on the part of her husband, she would go to pieces altogether.

In the last days of life at the Bunker Holde played a lot with Hedwig and Heidrun hiding in the corridors of the bunker and with the dogs of the hitler's dog.