Helmut Christian Goebbels

BIRTH: 2 Oct 1935

Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany


DEATH: 1 May 1945 (aged 9)

Berlin-Mitte, Mitte, Berlin, Germany


BURIAL: Cremated, Ashes scattered, Specifically: Ashes scattered in the Danube River in Germany.

The third child and second son of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels and his wife Magda. He was murdered by his mother, who injected him with morphine before murdering him and his siblings with cynanide. His parents and Hitler commited suicide shortly after because her mother wanted her children to die along with the Nazi party. The other Goebbels son Harald Quandt was the only survivor among the children, and later died in a plane crash in 1967.

On the day of Helmut's first birthday, Joseph bought his wife a costly ring.

In the summer of 1938, Goebbels described his son as a "stubborn little ne'er do-well". However, the same day of Helmut's fifth birthday (1939), Joseph described him as a "nice, clever boy.

Goebbels referred to him as "clown." Also according to Joseph's diary we know that Helmut had the desire to become a Subway driver when he grew up. He wore braces on his teeth.

Helmut studied a great deal of history and his father lectured him at length on the interrelation of historical events, although the boy was altogether too young to grasp its meaning. When his teacher at the Lanke primary school reported to his parents that his promotion to a higher form was doubtful, the atmosphere at home became very stormy,

 Käthe Hubner, Helmut’s 1943-1945 governess remembers “Helmut had once received from my lessons. It was only a few weeks, where I gave him private tuition”.


Goebbels blamed her daughters for her son Helmut be very childish: “Helmut has reached the age of 6 (…) It is essential for him to be in contact with other group of boys, because nothing good comes out from a boy that is always surrounded by girls”.

Magda once described the temperaments of five of her children to her sister-in-law Eleanore (Ello) Quandt by describing how each would react to learning they had been deceived by their spouse. "Helmut would never believe that his wife would deceive him."

Goebbels just wanted to have a proud and combative son and was demanding on Helmut.
Once Goebbels ran after the children around the table. Who is the fastest? But Helmut crawled under the table and caught Goebbels on the club. Then Goebbels fell.
The father was angry with the boy, Kathe Hubner went to get Helmut because it was completely unfair.

On Hitler's birthday at the fuhrerbunker in 1945, Helmut and the sisters drank hot chocolate with hitler and other SS officers, and Helmut read a composition he had made for the Fuhrer. When he finished reading, his sister Helga was angry with his brother saying that the composition belonged to his father and that he had stolen it.
Helmut replied maybe the father stole from me.

Traudl Junge, Hitler's personal secretary and one of the Führerbunker survivors, told the story that when Helmut heard Hitler's suicide shot he thought it was a mortar that had hit the vicinity of the bunker.